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Lewes Railway Land Wildlife Trust logo designed by 11-year-old Alex Mobbs
In Sussex, on the edge of Lewes by the River Ouse, are more than twenty acres of land, used for over fifty years as rail yards. When they were dismantled, they became a wasteland. After twenty-five years of benign neglect, the land was saved from development by a group of local residents. Since then, it has become a prized nature reserve around which several social and ecological projects gravitate. These, and the web of relations between them, constitute the Railway Land Project.
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Knowtrash final days and a picnic invitation

Date: 25/08/2014
The final opening times for the knowtrash exhibition are:
1000 - 1500 on Tuesday 26th August, Wednesday 27th August and Thursday 28th August.

As part of Artwave, the exhibition is also open from 1400 - 1700 on Saturday 30th August and Sunday 31st August.

And at 1730 on Sunday 31st August there will be a very special on.....

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